“If you take the whole world into your heart, you have good control of the Yin and the Yang, breathe essential QI and keep a centered mind, your muscles will work smoothly and you shall live for as long as Earth exists”…

Huang Di Neijing – Yellow Emperor Classic of Internal Medicine


Luohan Gong is a Body-Mind-Energy System which traces its origin to the ancient tradition of the Shaolin Buddhist Temple.

Luohan Gong combines soft body movements with mental concentration, breathing and relaxation to increase human energy; a path to physical, mental and spiritual development.

Luohan is the Chinese name for Arhat which among other things means a perfected person. Gong means to work or, to master. Together “Luohan Gong” thus describes a person that is working to perfect himself, or the Practice of the Enlightened Ones.

Luohan Gong traces its origin to Bodhidharma, founder of Ch’an Buddhism, better known in the west as Zen. It’s knowledge has been zealously guarded, first within the walls of the Shaolin Temple until it was burned down by the Ching Emperors 200 years ago, afterwards within the inner circle of the Chen family, founders of one of the most popular styles of Kung Fu: Choy Lee Fut.

It is important to understand that Luohan Gong is not just another oriental exercise to be introduced in the West.  For the original Zen practitioners it represented an indispensable part of their training, a support to their meditation. For the Shaolin Kung Fu master a tool to fine tune themselves. For present day practitioner Luohan Gong is an extraordinary tool for health and self improvement, a “Fountain of Youth”, a limitless source of peace, health and vitality, and an ideal way to keep in shape and protect ourselves from disease, pressures and everyday stress.