Training Course: APPLIED LUOHAN for Children


Instructor of  SMART LIVING PROGRAM – 3 Paths 4 Steps® 

Dr. Gaspar Garcia, in a relentless quest to find a practical way to help children live happily in psychophysical harmony with their surroundings, amid a troubled and changing society, creates the Smart Living Program for children.

After studying and researching in the fields of medicine, education, psychology, and new scientific paradigms, as well as ancient oriental techniques, in which he has expertise, this effective and enjoyable program saw the light.
Its effectiveness and strength lies, on one hand on the content that awakens the child’s interest in learning amid an atmosphere of adventure, fun and mystery where he becomes the protagonist of great deeds through the development of his body, his mind, the use of breathing, relaxation, good manners, discipline, etc.. AN ADVENTURE IS SELF DEVELOPMENT.

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