The following drawings depict an energy control exercise called San Jiao / San Dan Tien: Harmonizing the Triple Heater (although Dr. Gaspar García likes to call it Harmonizing the 3 Dan Tien ) and uses it to illustrate different ways of directing at will the flow of energy in the body.

Movement, breathing and concentration are the three resources that humans can use to direct energy flow in their bodies.



San Dan Tien part 1: Upper Dan Tien


In this first drawing we can see how to make a long breath intake through the nose along with an upper movement of the arms and direct our eyes (determining factor for concentration) upward to the Upper Dan Tien – spot located in the middle of the eyebrows.





San Dan Tien part 2: Meddle Dan Tien






In the second drawing, these three resources are used to center the energy
in the Middle Dan Tien – spot located in the center of the chest, and middle
point between the nipples.

The horizontal arm movement, the concentration of the mind in
the Middle Dan Tien, and harmonious inhalation and exhalation fulfill
these objectives.





San Dan Tien part 3: Lower Dan Tien









In the last part of this exercise that is carried out smoothly, we can see that movement goes downwards.

There is a long exhalation through the mouth, and concentration is placed on the low part of abdomen or Lower Dan Tien .