Yin-Yang-PalmsMaster Gaspar García, faithful to the origin and tradition, continues to transmit the teachings of Luohan in its deepest essence to benefit people and society in general.

One of Dr. Gaspar García’s main objectives is to promote the teaching of authentic Qigong physically, mentally and spiritually. Physically, to promote health and quality life. Mentally, to emphasise senses, enable peaceful mind, discover the pleasure of stillness and inner silence. And finally to help creating an happier world through the diffusion of these techniques and teachings which were created to eliminate pain and suffering. Luohan Gong is a tool of priceless value to meet these objectives.

These techniques are a limitless source of peace, good health and vitality, and an ideal way to keep in shape and protect ourselves from pressures and everyday stress. Qigong is the essence and foundation of a healthy, happy and harmonious life.

Other important objectives of LUOHAN.COM are:

  • Promote self-healing and personal development through Luohan Gong practice.
  • Promote the principles, teachings, and practice of an authentic internal cultivation system, improved by more than a millennium by Ch`an Buddhist Monks of Shaolin Temple. In this way sow peace and harmony in the world, approaching West to East whilst creating brotherhood links between all human beings.
  • Provide a refined technique and exceptional teaching method that allows us to train teachers of the highest level for over 20 years worldwide.
  • Continue forming instructors to transmit this teachings for the benefit of others.
  • Having an Online School that through its Virtual Classroom allows distance formation to new instructors and the enhancement of existing instructors, achieving greater connectivity around the world.
  • Create a forum and a resource place for instructors, doctors and Qigong pupils.
  • Be a source of information and related resources Qigong and Eastern disciplines.