Workshop on Personal Energy Management

This workshop will strengthen your awareness and will make you realize the resources available in you. This includes personal energy as one of your most precious resources. How to protect it, nurture it, and maintain it at the highest level. This course will show you the ways to “plug” into the energy available to each human being and how to increase it. It will also enable you to understand how to minimize energy loss.



Workshop on Stress Management

This workshop will let you understand the effects of stress on the body. What causes it, what are stress management techniques? You will efficiently apply your acquired knowledge through: stress awareness, specific exercise, diet, entertainment, relaxation, support systems and much more.
It includes the possibility to examine and resolve personal cases throughout the course.



Global Workshop on the essence of a Healthy Life

By taking this workshop you will gain a global vision of all the factors enabling you to live a healthy life: nutrition, exercise, relaxation, breathing, stress management, mental relaxation, time awareness & management, etc. A practical guide to better health, more energy and wellbeing.



Comprehensive Workshop on Healthy Eating

This workshop will enable you to get the “fundamentals for a Healthy Diet”: It will deal with types of food and their functions and appropriate dietary habits, fast days and their benefits. It includes eating out in restaurant and applying the acquired knowledge to everyday life. You will learn the “The Five 5 to healthy eating and ideal weight” which bring together conventional western medicinewith and Traditional ChineseMedicine: simplepatterns ofeating behaviorsto achieve good health andmaintain a healthy weight.



Self Defense Workshop

Although known as “The Father of all Martial Arts” and being an extraordinary system of self-protection, Kung Fu has been practicedsince its creation for thehealth benefitsandthe full development ofthe person: physically, mentally and spiritually.

In this course you will learn exercises and techniques used by the Chinese Masters to increase their flexibility, strength and wellbeing. It is mainly a practical, fun and enjoyable workshop that uses Kung Fu techniques to create peace, health and harmony as you learn self-defense techniquesthat may proof useful in today’s aggressive and sometimes dangerous society.



Workshop on Breathing, Concentration and Relaxation

There are certain techniques or skills that should be part of our education from the earliest age due to their great importance and so much more so if we are directing our life to Excellence. These are: breathing, concentration, relaxation, body posture, visualization, and human values.

No matter your professional field or your personal objectives, mastering your breath, harnessing the power of your mind, controlling your emotions, understanding relaxation and using visualizations represents an extraordinary advantage, not only because they will help us achieve excellence in whatever field we choose, but also and above all, because these skills are the pillars on which rests good health, peace, success and happiness. You will learn the definition, benefits and procedure of each of these skills containing the essence of health, peace, vitality and achievement.



Workshop on Meditation

The health benefits of meditation for body and mind have been known for decades and there are many doctors who are literally prescribing meditation to their patients. Meditation has come out from the purely spiritualrealmto enter in medicine, sports, business and personal development.

In the general public nevertheless still persists doubts and questions like: What is meditation? What are the benefits? Are there different classes of meditation? How does one meditate?

On thebasis of the latestscientificdata and research you will learn ancient Oriental techniques to calm your heart, strengthen your mind, lets you experience peaceand happinessat the sametime that it improves your healthandpersonal and professional skills.



Workshop on Time Consciousness. Theory and practice

Of all the resources a human being has, time is probably the one that needs our greatest attention since it is the only one that once is gone, it can never be recuperated and its wise management has great and wide ranging benefits. Through this seminar the participant will understand its value, how to protect it, manage it and to develop a Consciousness of Time: To differentiate between what is urgent and what is important, between personal and professional time and how to recognize what are your most productive time and to plan your daily chores in accordance to it.




Anchored in a millenarian tradition and sustained by the most recent scientific research, the 4 Steps is a model for growth, change and development. The method sinks its roots in the most ancient oriental traditions but maintains nevertheless the most rigorous scientific approach and contemporary significance.

It is a model that was originally conceived to heal physical, mental and spiritual disease but whose methodology for bringing about improvement, transformation and change can be applied to any field: Health, sports, business, education, art, fitness and wellbeing. A must for anybody who values excellence.


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