Luohan is the Chinese name for Arhat (Sanskrit) or Arahant (Pali), which among other things means a perfect person.
Arhat (Luohan) is the fourth step closer to Nirvana.


“In this Sangha of monks there are monks who are arahants with all the pollution destroyed, who have lived the holy life, have realized what had to be done, have shed the burdenhave reached his own goal, have destroyed the chains of existence and have been completely released through final knowledge -such are the monks in this Sangha of monks.”

From the text: Anapanasati Sutta


Gong is a Chinese word meaning work, mastery.
Analyzing the ideogram of the word can deepen this meaning:

If the ideogram “Gong” (Kung) is observed it can be seen that this is separated into two components, a first left and second from right.
At the top of the first find, a small horizontal line symbolizes “the day begins” or “the dawn”. When it is still small, a vertical line appears symbolizing “the course of the day”. And in the end, at its base, we find the largest line announcing that “the day has come to its end.” In the second part of the ideogram we can see how a sickle (cutting tool farm), is crossed by a sharpening stone represented by the diagonal line. This character set form the ideogram Gong (Kung). Thus, the their meaning would be something like “sharpen the tool work every day from morning until night falls.”



Written all together “Luohan Gong “ describes a person who is working to improve, or the Practice of Worship.

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