There are health and hygiene standards that one must habitually maintain in daily life to enjoy good health and mental and physical well being. These are integral to any treatment of illness that will be recommended. They include the following:



What we eat is extremely important. If I drink poison, I die. If I drink too much alcohol, I get drunk. If I eat too much red meat, my arteries become hardened. It is as simple as that. A balanced diet in which fresh and dried fruits, grains, and vegetables predominate and which includes eggs, dairy, and some fish is healthful. Overuse of meats, alcohol, refined sugar, preservatives, artificial colors, and foods which are processed, canned, or simply not fresh is highly detrimental to good health. Eating large suppers is not healthy – breakfast should be larger than supper.

A nutrition regimen should sometimes include a form of fasting. This can be done one day per week or one weekend per month by ingesting only water and fruit juice after taking a natural laxative the night before. This allows the elimination of accumulated toxins. (If fasting for a period of more than one day, seek advice from your doctor). Longer periods of fasting must be strictly monitored by doctors and clinics specializing in therapeutic fasts.

Note: Certain drinks and/or foods increase the flow of blood and energy in the body. This must be studied and be investigated further.



Exercise is extremely important. It is probably (along with control of the mind) the most effective medicine to prevent and cure diseases and we must get generous amounts of exercise daily. We will discuss this is greater detail later.



Correct breathing not only increases lung capacity and improves tissue oxygenation, but in addition brings Qi, vital energy, the source of all healing, to the tissues. Addtionally, breathing is a wonderful technique for controlling pain, anxiety, fear, and all sorts of negative emotions.



Sunlight has a curative effect that should not be underestimated. The energy absorbed by the body during sun baths (preferably in the mornings and at dusk) recharges the organism and sustains life. Small frequent periods of sun are more beneficial than long sporadic exposures to the sun, which can be harmful.


Sexual relations:

It is important to maintain a regular sex life for vital energy and good health. Sexual relations can be a source of harmony and health or can cause weakening, disease and premature aging; the key is in moderation and intelligent use of this powerful creative energy.



Learning to relax physically and mentally is crucial to good health. Relaxation not only allows the free flow of blood and energy, inviting its flow through the body, but also prevents Qi depletion, which can weaken internal organs, the immune system, etc. There are physical and mental techniques of relaxation that help enormously in controlling states of tension. Nevertheless, one should dig deeper into the root of the problem which may be found in habitual expectations, thoughts, opinions and values in which we may think we find shelter, but are normally the cause of the apparent stress.



No list of essentials for the maintenance of good health would be complete without the inclusion of joy. The smile is equipped with curative power, and through smiling we access the limitless healing power of the Cosmic Conscience (Tao) that distributes Qi through the body. Joy must be sincere, not feigned. Happy people are less vulnerable to disease since happiness attracts a greater supply of Qi, which is not squandered on worry, sadness, grief, and negativity. It is essential to cultivate joy if good health is the goal!