Mudras: Hands, palms, fingers, picks of a crane, and so on. The word Mudra means “seal” in Sanskrit and are rituals of body positions or hands that symbolize states or mental or emotional processes and through which may account for or influence on consciousness. Mudras are a good example of how the body affects the mind and emotions. Mudras can perhaps be considered the ultimate manifestation, or at least the more subtle manifestation of the body-mind-emotions-energy, because through physical postures, some of which are limited to simple positioning of the fingers, able states or levels affect not only the physical body but the mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Mudras: When it comes to creating structure, and as with breathing, have the ability to unite “at the bottom and top and the inside out and” create a unity between the different parts of body and mind. This “unity” is manifested in states of consciousness, emotional and spiritual allowed to touch, feel and move to other “realities” of unfathomable depth. Mudras are working on the theory of meridians and energy flows. The Luohan Gong uses many different types of Mudras.

Do not forget that the body affects the mind, from things as easily understandable as a strong body, healthy, strong, vital influence on work capacity, mental acuity and emotional balance, to others such as the relationship between balance physical (leg strength to provide physical stability) and mental balance, as mentioned coming to the depth and subtlety of the Mudras. The importance of leg muscle strength can never be exaggerated, since they depend on stability and balance throughout the body. Just as the Yin Yang is nourished by the legs, support, nurture, and pushes the Yang to the highest peaks of wisdom, knowledge and psycho-physical.


To achieve this symmetry and therefore activation during the practice of Mudras Luohan is important to take the following measures:

In addition to placing both hands normally at the same height, palms and fingers must be respected and generally lie flat horizontal or vertical the frontal plane or transverse This observation is important because it hides one of the most important legislation in the emission of Qi: “The direction of the palms mark the movement of Qi” . It also means “palm” the fingers or spikes crane when they are the protagonists of the movement. An exercise that can be done at the beginning to develop among other things, this sense of symmetry is at all times be aware of both the palms of the hands and their position at all times.