“The darkness accumulated through the centuries in a certain cave
can be dissipated in a single moment by igniting a light in it.”


ConcentracionDay by day we are what we think and day by day we create our future. Thought is the seed from which our actions arise, the kernel from which everything originates. If we want to enjoy success in our health, in our professions, in our personal relations, and in our lives in general, then we must pay very special attention to the thoughts that we harbor. Calm, serene, optimistic, successful, joyful, confident, secure, brave and courageous thoughts will create “a jubilant expectation and optimism about life” and will bring us limitless benefits.

We must thoroughly understand that the mind is a force of boundless magnitude, as real as gravity or electricity. The mind is omnipotent and is what separates us from the rest of creation.

Words are intimately linked with thoughts. Words are the reflection of our thoughts; if we want to understand our lives, our health, our interactions, our thoughts, we must observe our words. We must be conscious that our vocabulary, tone and means of expression faithfully reflect how we want to be. The intention behind thought is the master of energy; energy is the master of blood. Where I put my thoughts, my energy will go; where my energy goes, my blood will follow. (“Yi leads Qi, Qi leads Li”).

As we know, specific movements and body positions stimulate Qi and blood. But above all, it is the correct use of the mind that eliminates any obstacle standing in the way of what is necessary to activate and circulate their flow through the body.


Mental techniques

1. Active observation of words and thoughts:

In order to know ourselves better and be able to act effectively, it is important that we carefully examine the subjects that teem through our minds throughout the day.
Exercise: Write down the thoughts that you have and the words that you say for two or three days. Next, strive to not say anything negative. We must discard from our vocabulary words and phrases like: “cannot,” “impossible,” “pain” – and change them to more positive concepts.


2. Visualization Technique:

Visualization techniques were used in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Babylonia, India, Greece, and China. Currently there are numerous studies on their great effectiveness in obtaining control of the mind, the emotions and the body, as well as in obtaining behavioral changes.

One visualizes or imagines an object or action which is not actually apparent at that moment. An effective visualization session results in significant physiological changes in the organism.

For example, sit up straight, with your body still and your palms upward on the thighs near your abdomen, with elbows pointing back. Calm your mind. Close your eyes and concentrate your attention on the third eye or Upper Dan Tien (Yin Tang acupuncture point), which is the physiological center of concentration and will.

Try to feel or imagine – through concentration or intention – that the cosmic energy with its healing power is penetrating into your body at your third eye and flowing from there towards the affected area (you can imagine a light that enters and travels towards the fingers, for example). If your affliction is mental or spiritual in nature, it feels as though this curative power is incinerating spiritual ignorance and fixing mental imbalance.

Practice this time and time again, and always make an effort to be optimistic and joyful. Cultivate determination and faith in the limitless curative power of the Cosmic Conscience (Tao) from whence arises all health, peace, ability, and well-being.


3. Concentration and Meditation Technique:

Concentration is the capacity to direct all our attention to a certain subject. Meditation techniques produce important physiological effects in the organism and they are fundamentally based on the postulate “Think about one thing to forget thousands,” bringing positive inhibition to the nervous system.

Here is an example of a meditation technique:

With your body in the position described above, do one double inhalation through the nose and one double exhalation through the mouth three times. Place your attention in the Upper Dan Tien, breathing in through the nose and gently constricting the third eye. The tongue should touch the point between the palate and the teeth. Breathe out through your mouth, relaxing the muscular contraction and the attention (although always maintaining concentration at the described point) and let the tongue fall to its normal position.

Repeat this technique for 5 – 20 or more minutes and end by sitting quietly enjoying the peace and serenity you feel. During this time one makes contact with the Cosmic Conscience (Tao) and ones own Essence and may bring requests for healing from that Superior Intelligence.

If the mind digresses while practicing this technique, refocus on what is happening in that moment; the benefits are proportional to our ability to look inward.


4. Scientific Technique of Healing Affirmations:

An affirmation is the assertion of a truth which, when expressed verbally with conviction constitutes a powerful vibratory force. This force is able to overcome negative thoughts, bad habits and harmful mental constructs that cause disease, anxiety, fear and unawareness of our innate power. When an affirmation is repeated with intention and conviction, this practice stimulates and directs the flow of vital energy toward mental, physical and spiritual healing.

“Affirmations help the soul to remember that it in fact has that which, due to forgetfulness, it thought it lacked. Affirmations are a suitable application of vibratory law. Words are vibrations of thoughts. Thoughts are vibrations of ability and energy. Mind is the force that governs the complicated cellular mechanism of the body, as well as the machinery of human destiny and the universe. The thoughts of an individual regulate all of the chemical, psychological, and metabolic functions of the body.”

Paramahansa Yogananda


Presently the world’s most important universities are studying this concept which has been known for thousands of years in India and China. Harvard University has created the Mind-Body Institute “to pray, meditate and relax” to cure disease.

Next, several affirmations for healing are mentioned. Choose the one that best reflects your needs and repeat it several times (first aloud with the appropriate intonation, then lowering your voice and finishing in a whisper) before bed at night, as soon as you awaken in the morning, and throughout the day whenever it comes to mind. Repeat the words with concentration and conviction until you feel that your mind has been united with the limitless power of Cosmic Energy and until these thoughts are manifested for you. Have faith, do not waver or doubt because it stagnates the Qi.

In the same way that the practice of “focusing on disease” usually requires a long time to develop, a certain amount of time is required for the good habit of “focusing on health”. You have inside yourself the ability to heal, and you can bring it out with discipline, imagination, will, love and reasoning.


Healing Affirmations

“I am bathed in Eternal Light. The Light impregnates each particle of my being. I live in that Light. The Divine Spirit overflows from my being, internally and externally.”

“Oh Cosmic Energy, You have created my body. My body is healthy because You are in it. You are Perfect. Since I was created in Your Image, I too am perfect.”

“Celestial Father, I am one with Your cosmic life. You are the Ocean and I am the wave: We are one.”

“I am one with the infinite Power of the universe. I have the power to change my life for the better.”

“I am a part of the Universe and within me is its Limitless Power. I partake of my Divine Inheritance. I turn to You, Oh Healing Energy. I am cured because You are within me.”