THE TREATMENT OF ILLNESSES – According to the Therapeutic Method of DR. Gaspar Garcia

Understanding the origin of disease.

Luohan-Medicinal-1It is important to understand that the origin of disease comes from the violation of universal physical, mental, and spiritual laws. Knowledge of these laws is necessary if we wish to maintain good health and cure illness. In most cases, disease is merely ignorance of or failure to apply these laws. This implies the significant degree to which we have control over our own health. In actuality, our current physical, mental and spiritual health results from what we have done in the past, and what we do now will influence our future health.

This concept, while so logical and easy to understand, is sometimes very difficult to accept. We all tend to believe that we are victims of an unjust universe, blaming anything outside ourselves, but certainly we have direct control over our life and our destiny.  We must understand that we ourselves attract disease to us, consciously or unconsciously, by breaking physical, mental or spiritual laws. This truth has the great advantage of allowing us to change the future by changing our thoughts, habits, actions, etc.

Likewise we can say that the origin of disease, as well as the cure for it, may be found in the mind. Mind is the origin of everything. Mind, conceptualized in this way, is a concept worth exploring in detail.




The treatment of illness using Medical Qigong rests on the following four concepts:
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1) Following the natural laws that govern health
2) Physical techniques

3) Mental techniques

4) Application of this knowledge of an effective way