3 Paths 4 Steps®High Performance and Injury Reduction Program anchors itself in a millenarian tradition that is sustained by the most recent scientific research. The method sinks its roots in the most ancient oriental traditions but maintains nevertheless a rigorous scientific approach and contemporary significance. Its objective is to help athlete to improve performance and prevent injury through psychophysical development and harmony with its surroundings.



  • To build a healthy, strong and agile body.
  • To attain emotional balance, a poised mind and self-confidence and the personal benefits and responsibility to acquire them.
  • To master “indispensable life skills” they can use and apply throughout their lives: breathing, relaxation, concentration, body posture, visualization, human values, etc.
  • To discover, through personal experience, the organism as an integrated being: body, mind and emotion and to appreciate the value of “BEING” versus “HAVING”.
  • To adopt healthy living habits.
  • To open up to peers, society and nature as a result of the unity and security perceived within.
  • To maximize the application of human values through a true understanding of the natural laws of life and human relationships.
  • The true final objective is to achieve a happy individual, sports person.



3 Paths 4 Steps: High Performance and Injury Reduction Program develops a series of character traits:


Practical: Breathing techniques, relaxation, concentration, visualization, physical exercise, nature observation, constructive talks, etc. through which the sports person can improve his health as well as his technical ability in a gradual and progressive way. The conceptual aspects of the program maximize their learning potential.

  1. Xing/posture/body: Strengthening and coordinating vital body parts like legs, hips, lower abdomen/core and spine develops bio mechanics for sports, and physical activities as it improves health and prevents injuries. Correct muscular strengthening with the harmonious growth of all the muscle groups, together with neuromuscular stretching prevents injuries and improves efficiency in any physical or mental activity.
  1. QI – Breathing: Correct breathing increases lung capacity which will in turn improve bodily functions, increase strength and vitality. But correct usage of breathing will also allow to voluntarily tonify or sedate, to calm our minds and to control our moods and emotions.
  1. Yi – Shen / Intention – Mind – Emotions: Kung Fu and Qigong masters have transmitted knowledge that is very relevant to present day sports competitors now a days. The practice of mindfulness techniques “stillness in body movement and movement in stillness” regulate thoughts and emotions and bring calmness, health, and wisdom. Calming the body and mind through different types of meditation techniques adapted to the age and level of the sports person will stop the never-ending mental turmoil and commotion of stressful situations which hinder action and the full expression of the acquired technical abilities.



Conceptual: The program develops basic principles of health, bio mechanics, understanding of nature and its rhythms, energy, law of cause and effect, awareness, mindfulness, suppleness of body and mind, etc. in an experiential manner, from the inside to the outside. All subjects are adapted to the sportsperson age and ability of understanding through different didactical methods.


Behavioral: The life of the present day sport person is tough, before, during and after success has been reached. It requires discipline, courage, leadership, perseverance, humility and determination. The use of the different methods and techniques used in 3 Paths 4 Steps® bring about the change in the sportsperson own evaluation of himself, developing his sense of self-esteem and confidence in his own abilities, strengthening his will power with a positive transformation of his own behavior creating a harmonious relationship with his peers, coach, family and social environment.

Through 3 Paths 4 Steps® the sportsperson will develop a whole range of character values, that will strengthen him as a person and competitor empowering him to higher levels of consciousness as he perceives the origin of strength and power, of peace and happiness that is an indissoluble part of himself and unconditioned by external events.


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