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Sifu Dr. Gaspar García Doctor Gaspar García was born in Havana, Cuba. When he was 13 he traveled to the United States and settled in Los Angeles, California. There he studied high school and later on earned a scholarship to continue studying at the University of California, in San Diego. There he stayed for 5 years, majoring in Biology and French Literature. In his third year he traveled with another scholarship to Europe, where he studied French Literature in Pau and in Paris. For a year he studied the French language and culture intensively and had the opportunity of traveling throughout Europe. He was amazed at what he saw in the Old Continent: its beauty, its culture, its traditions, the way of living and thinking that were the roots of the culture of his home country and of the United States.

Then he went back to the States where he completed his Biology and French Literature studies at the University of California. Later on, he went back to Spain to study medicine. This country made a deep impression on him, mainly in what regards the quality of people.

Dr. García started attending Medical School in Salamanca, and completed his studies in Barcelona. In 1986 he went back to Los Angeles, California where, due to the fact that he had been practicing Eastern disciplines since he was 16, he began to study traditional Chinese medicine. After a year, he traveled to that legendary country to continue higher studies in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Provincial Hospital, in Canton, where he finally got his degree.

He traveled extensively in the East, having returned to Spain after finishing his education. Once he settled in Spain, he started working in his office, where he practices Traditional Chinese Medicine in Costa del Sol. Some time later he married and started working in the prestigious Buchinger Clinic for Therapeutic Fasting as Head of the Traditional Medicine and Stress Management Department. For more than ten years, he worked in Preventive Medicine and Acupuncture there. Taking advantage of his wide experience in this clinic, he created and introduced a specific stress management program for businessmen called "Energy Management" that combines the knowledge and achievements of conventional Western Kuoshumedicine with Eastern medicine techniques.

Since he was 16 years old, Dr. Gaspar García has been practicing Eastern disciplines such as: Kung-Fu, Yoga and Chi-Kung, and their philosophical and personal development components. He gives courses and lectures in preventive medicine, Chi-Kung, Traditional Martial Arts and Eastern Philosophy (intimately related with good health) throughout Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Rumania, Greece, Belgium, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, Morocco and Egypt, among others.

Master Gaspar García and Master Chan Yong Fa He is considered to have mastery in all of this Eastern disciplines, having created schools in many countries, where his students still continue with these traditions.

During his Stress Management courses, he acquired a deep knowledge of entrepreneurs: their personal characteristics and qualities, their habits, and the way they view life, and he realized that if these businessmen had been taught from their childhood simple breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as basic preventive medicine concepts, they would not suffer as adults the devastating effects of stress. The Smart Living Program was born from that realization. This program was implemented in schools in Costa del Sol, Spain, and its objective was to convey these teachings to children and young people so they would be able to benefit from them throughout their lives.

In the last few years, with the philosophy of helping people keep and promote good health, he created the SALUSLINE - health and well-being portal -, using new technologies to help people improve and maintain their good health throughout their lives. Combining his work as President of with the ongoing study, investigation, teaching and diffusion of Qigong.

Doctor Gaspar García lives in Marbella, Malaga, in Costa del Sol, Spain; he is married, has three children and spends his time teaching, doing research and promoting a healthy way of life, in order to increase the well being and quality of living of children, women and men.

President of the Spanish Association of Qigong/Chi Kung.

President of the Spanish Association of Choy Lee Fut.

President / founder of Luohan Gong European Federation

President / founder of Choy Lee Fut European Federation

Vice-president of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong

President / founder of the Spanish Association of Kuoshu.

International Instructor of the International Federation of Chinese Kuoshu.

National Instructor of Kung Fu, Karate Spanisg Federation, “Consejo Superior de Deportes Españoles.”

Ex National Trainer of the de Kung Fu National Spanish Team.


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