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the four forms Luohan Qigong The Luohan system of Qigong (Chi-Kung) is a budhist/medical school of Qigong comprised of four forms or sets of exercises.

Although the four forms of the system use relaxation, and the control of the breath and mind to direct the flow of vial energy through the meridians, each one of them has very specific characteristics.

These forms are: "Buddihidarma luohan 18 hands" (abbreviated "luohan kung"), "siu luohan", "da luohan" and "wu chi".

Together, these forms make up a whole internal Kung-Fu system covering all the range of choy lee fut qigong abilities. We have given these four forms the generic name of "Luohan Qigong", which literally means "The art of respiration of the enlightened ones".

In its Original form, Luohan Qigong is an internal set of exercises to cultivate the three treasures of the Chi (vital energy), Jing (essence) and Shen (spirit).

If practiced regularly, it activates intrinsic vital energy along the meridians, it also strengthens internal organs, increases ones life expectancy, by keeping good health as well as mind and body vigor, trains joints and muscles, encourages relaxation and stress control, prevents occupational illnesses due to physical stress, promotes posture awareness and a correct posture, and it is the basis and essence of many internal and external martial arts.


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