ZHI WEI BING or “Treat before there is a disease”

Huang Di Neijing – Yellow Emperor Classic of Internal Medicine


Health Benefits in the practice of Luohan

By using the mind, breathing and intelligent body movements, Luohan Gong activates energy flow through the meridians, strengthens internal organs, exercises bones, joints and muscles, promotes relaxation and stress control, prevents chronic and occupational diseases and expands our awareness at all levels.

According Traditional Chinese Medicine disease is derived from an imbalance in the flow of vital energy in humans. The practice of Luohan Gong increases and improves the quantity and quality of this vital energy and its flow throughout the body, therefore achieving or restoring  health. Luohan Gong regulates the person, strengthening his/her health and preventing diseases.

Luohan Qi Gong has been very useful to treat chronic and occupational diseases. It has proven its healing power in chronic  pains, diabetes, cardio vascular disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, stress, anxiety, neurasthenia and pulmonary digestive and sexual dysfunctions.

Scientific research has shown that Qigong is a complete exercise because it benefits each and every one of the body systems and organs.

I. CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: The practice of Luohan is an exercise that can be done by patients with cardiovascular disease. It reduces heart rate and increases heart irrigation and volume, and improves the ventricular function. It increases peripheral and brain circulation and regulates blood pressure.

II. BREATHING SYSTEM: Luohan regulates the breathing rate, increases the volume of pulmonary ventilation and the ventilation of the alveoli.

III. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: The practice of Luohan improves the gastro colic function, regulates and strengthens peristalsis, accelerates evacuation and eliminates gas. It tones our liver and pancreas. It calms de nervous system and by so doing improves digestive ailments like ulcers, gastrointestinal inflammations.

IV. NERVOUS SYSTEM: Luohan protects the cerebral cortex through an inhibiting mechanism and regulates the nervous vegetative system. It reduces anxiety, stress, tension, depression and fatigue. Increases emotional stability and mental wellbeing

V. ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: Luohan regulates and improves endocrine functions such as the ones performed by: the hypophysis and thyroid glands, testicles, ovaries, suprarenal gland and pancreas. It reduces stress hormones.

VI. IMMUNE SYSTEM: Luohan corrects alterations of the thymus, increases the amount and capacity of T lymphocytes, and increases immune globulins, as well as the amount and activity of macrophages.

VII. LOCOMOTIVE SYSTEM: Luohan strengthens the muscles and  bones (prevents osteoporosis) and increases the elasticity of muscles and tendons; all of this prevents falls. It also reduces inflammation and other symptoms  of arthritis.

VIII. METABOLISM: The practice of Luohan activates and regulates the metabolism of lipids (cholesterol) and sugars.

IX. REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM: Luohan increases libido and through the increase in blood circulation prevents impotence and sexual dysfunction.




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