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Geneva, Switzerland

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“Chan Heung’s techniques were tremendously effective. He could fly high and leap far. He had copper sinews and iron bones.
His strength was that of nine bulls and two tigers. He had developed enormous strength and vigor. The monk Choy Fook
also taught Chan Heung the secrets of the internal forms of the Shaolin Temple for controlling the energy…”

History of Chan Heung leaving Lau Foo Shan (Chapter 1 to Chapter 31)



We are happy, and feel privileged, that you have shown an interest in our school of Luohan Gong in Geneva.

As you have probably seen in the introduction to this Listing of Certified Instructors, Luohan training can be applied to anything and anybody because it is a system to self-mastery through the training of body, breath and mind.

Whatever you are looking for, whether it is health, peace or wisdom, managing stress or improving your golf swing, tennis forehand or just simply a method to keep fit, you should find it here and I make the personal commitment to put our hearts in helping you achieve your objectives.


I hope that you will find time to come visit us, you will not regret it.

You can come and try out one class without any commitment (please do contact us before coming)


Yours sincerely

Dr. Gaspar Garcia, MD



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