There are some techniques or abilities that should be part of our education from the earliest age because we provide health and wellness, would save billions to public coffers, would enhance performance in school, at work, in sport and so on. Years ago I read an article by a famous teacher saying that these institutions were teaching us to make a living, but not were teaching us to live; he was pleading for a more practical teachings in daily life.

Breathing, concentration, relaxation, body posture, visualization, and human values, which are tools with a priceless value. These abilities constitute the foundation on which good health, success and happiness rest. No matter the field in which our lives develop and objectives that we set ourselves if we do not possess these skills is very difficult to succeed. Mastering these techniques is essential to happiness, not only for the reasons given in helping us achieve our goals, but above all, because it carried its best, is the source and origin of health, peace and wisdom.


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