This is a sequence of 8 exercises which, aside from moving our whole body, have therapeutic qualities, like all of the Qigong exercises.

They are called BA Di M GUM ( eight jewelry pieces) and their name is indicative of their importance for improving the physical and mental health of those who practice them.



First exercise:
“Two hands hold the sky to harmonize the triple heater “.


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Triple Heater is a term used in traditional Chinese Medicine to describe the upper, middle and lower portions of the body.

So the first exercise acts beneficially on the eyes, ears, face and respiratory functions of the upper heater. The internal organs and digestive functions of the middle heater strengthen the kidneys and reproductive organs of the lower heater.

-This exercise is performed standing.
-The fingers of both hands are intertwined at the height of the abdomen, and then arms are moved up until hands are above the head while rising on ones tiptoes.
-When arms are moved up, one inhales, and when returning to the original position one exhales.







Second exercise:
“Open the bow to the left and to the right to shoot the hawk”.


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This exercise fortifies the muscles and tendons of shoulders and arms and when lungs expand, the capacity of the practitioner’s lungs increases.

-The practitioner takes a side step to stand in the horse position with 70% of his body weight on his front foot.
-The arms must move as if they were opening a bow, while the eyes always follow the arrow.




Third exercise:
“Stretch one hand as if you were trying to reach your feet and then the other one to harmonize your spleen and stomach”.

Third Exercise

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The objective of this exercise is to promote harmony between the spleen (a Yin organ) and the stomach (a complementary Yan organ) and to promote the circulation of energy throughout internal organs.

-The person stands with one arm stretched up in a vertical position.










Fourth exercise:
“Turn your head and look back to avoid wasting yourself away”.


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This exercise strengthens the neck and chest muscles as well as the lungs, thus preventing respiratory disorders.

-In a standing position, keeping his/her back straight, the practitioner turns to one side and then to the other one trying to look back, but without moving his waist.









Fifth exercise:
“Lower your body and make a tight fist with an angry look”.

Fifth Exercise: "Lower your body and make a tight fist with an angry look”

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In this exercise, movements are firm, they increase the CHI and strengthen the body metabolism.

-In the square horse position, the practitioner firmly holds his fists against his waist with his elbows turned in.
-Then he moves one of his fists to the front, and then the other one keeping his muscles firm and a serious and angry look.









Sixth exercise:
“Move your tail and balance your head in order to release the fire in your heart”.

Sixth Exercise: "Move your tail and balance your head in order to release the fire in your heart"

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This exercise acts on digestion and circulation; it prevents and cures heart diseases and blood pressure disorders.

-With legs slightly bent, like in the square horse position, and with hands resting on the knees, the practitioner moves his body describing circular movements as wide as possible.







Seventh exercise
“Stand on the tips of your toes and bounce seven times”.


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This exercise helps you keep your body in shape and your nervous system strong and young.

-Stand on the tip of your toes and bounce seven times.
-Do ten sets.










Eighth and last exercise:
“Reach down with your hands and touch your feet”.

Eighth and Last Exercise: "Reach down with your hands and touch your feet”

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This exercise keeps your waist flexible, stimulates your kidneys and straightens your backbone.

-In a standing position, bend down at the level of your waist and touch the tips of your toes.
-Do not bend your knees.








These exercises are shown here by a teacher who has practiced the movements for many years, having achieved a gradual strengthening of his body. Please listen to your own body and exercise with prudence, according to your own condition at the time of exercising . Never force your body beyond what is indicated by common sense.