Qigong is a Chinese method that combines soft body movements with mental concentration and breathing to increase human energy.

 Also called the “Fountain of Youth”, these techniques are a limitless source peace, good health and vitality, and an ideal way to keep in shape and protect ourselves from pressures and everyday stress.

Qigong (Qi = energy; Gong = work) is part of the traditional Chinese medicine according to which disease is derived from an imbalance in the flow of vital energy in humans.

The practice of  Qigong exercises increase and improve the quantity and quality of this vital energy and its flow throughout the body, therefore achieving or restoring good health in sick people.

Qigong regulates the person, strengthening his/her health and preventing diseases.

On the other hand, a Qigong doctor can treat the patient directly with methods which activate energy in his body.

*This is a set of inner exercises that cultivate the three treasures: Chi (vital energy), Jing (essence) and Shen (spirit).



By using our mind, breathing and body movements, Qigong activates energy flow through the meridians, strengthens internal organs, exercises bones, joints and muscles, promotes relaxation and stress control, prevents occupational diseases and expands our awareness at all levels.

Qigong is the essence and foundation of a healthy, happy and harmonious life.

Qigong is very useful to treat chronic diseases. It has proven its healing power for the following: chronic pains, hypertension, arterio-sclerosis, breathing and digestion disorders, stress, neurasthenia and sexual dysfunctions.