ConcentracionConcentration is the ability to direct our full attention to a specific matter for a given period of time, away from everything else.


There are many advantages to concentration:

A person able to fully concentrate will be able, in no time to achive what takes other people a long time.
Concentration enables you to get to the origin of things, to understand their essence, to draw important conclusions even from scarce information.
Concentration brings along body and mind quietness. Concentration calms the mind and reduces the whirpool of thoughts responsible for stress and to a greater degree, for our physical and mental disorders.
There are several concentrating techniques, but all of them follow the precept of “Thinking of one thing to forget one thousand”. This means giving full attention to something, to stop our mind from thinking about something else. When we do this, our nervous system is in a protective inhibition state; the incoming of information from our senses and from other thoughts is filtered to protect it. When we limit the amount of thoughts we are able to discover peace, quietness, and their multiple benefits.


Concentration Techniques

1. 3-3-3 Breathing
 (breathing and concentration exercise)

While sitting down, start with a double inhalation through your nose, and tense your whole body (inhale twice in the same action through the nose, -the first inhalation must be shorter and the second one longer). Hold your breath for a few seconds and continue with a double exhalation through the mouth, accompanied by general relaxation.
Repeat three times and continue with one inhalation while you count to three; hold your breath while you count to three (this number can and must be increased after some time).
The 3-3-3 breathing is used to rearrange thoughts and dispersed energy, and also to achieve deep psychological and physical states of relaxation.


2. In My Castle of Power

Another concentration technique that involves breathing is the following one:
While seating with your back straight but relaxed, regard your nostrils and feel the fresh air you inhale and the warm air you exhale. Do not control your breathing. Just be aware of it.
In a second phase, forget your breathing process and only enjoy the state of peace and quiet that you have been able to achieve.


3. Concentration on the space between the eyebrows

While seating with your back straight but relaxed, close your eyes turn them up and concentrate on the space between your eyebrows, contracting it slightly while you inhale through your nose. Then exhale through your mouth and relax the muscular contraction but keep your eyes looking up. The objective of this is to focus all of your attention and energy on that spot, by helping yourself with a soft muscular movement (very slight), but most of all with your mental intention. Keep doing this for several minutes. This is a Buddhist concentration technique directed to a relevant energy spot called the “Third Eye”.