It implies several simple exercises that will allow you to feel the flow of the Chi throughout your body, especially along the microscopic orbit. These exercises have the purpose of making the practitioner understand the Yin/Yang concept through energy flow. Chi is a form of energy, like electricity.

Polarity is required to create energy flow. These simple movements will allow you to understand the Yin/Yang, open/close, rise/fall, solid/empty, and substantial/non-substantial concepts, as well as others.  They start with big circles, then they continue with middle ones and then no circles. They emphasize the use of movement, breathing and the mind as Chi flow generators.
This is, from the physical (external) to the mental (internal) and from movement postures to stationary ones.

These basic movements are the foundation for all of the Chi-Kung exercises that you are going to learn.



The Yin Yang way of walking utilizes the simple action of walking to show how, by creating movement polarity between Yin and Yang, you can activate your body energy. There are different forms and techniques of Qigong walking. One of them is very popular and is considered “New Chi Kung”, and is supposed to help cure cancer.  Although I am skeptical in this regard, I admit it is a good exercise to activate energy flow, and also to help patients with chronic muscle and skeleton problems, strengthen the immune system and many other benefits which is not saying little.

The time of practice for these exercises must be adequate to the person’s physical condition. For a normal person at the beginning 5 to 10 minutes day are enough, increase the time gradually. Do not practice for more than one hour at a time.  The basic breathing exercise may be practiced 20 to 30 times in each session. It is best to do your Yin Yang walk in a park. From 15 to 30 minutes of walking are enough in most cases.  Be gradual in your practice and as always be sure that you listen to your body and do not over do it.