Refined Technique

One of the things that characterizes our schools is the high technical level of the instructors. This is due to extensive experience in training, careful attention to technique – better technique, more benefits – with special attention to didactic methods. All this fruit of our passion and commitment to our Art and life.

Therefore, by our desire for improvement, to preserve the traditional aspects of Luohan Gong in its purest essence and our persevering and unalterable will to offer the highest quality of teaching, bring you this service.

Our courses are structured in such a way that the technical quality is guaranteed for those who strive to acquire it.


Exceptional Teaching Methodology

Besides an impeccable technique, our courses use 3 Paths 4 Steps® methodology, which based and anchored in an ancient tradition, supported in the most rigorous methods and paradigms of modern science. This allows a fast domain and assimilation of the essence of the technics as well as a broad understanding and vision of the many fields of activity of the Luohan tradition: health, sports, scenic arts, business, personal development, martial application.

The method includes face to face and/or virtual classes complemented by theoretical material containing clear and simple instructions, specific technical details, illustrations of each movement flawlessly executed, videos, as well as continuous and personalized advice. All this methodology guarantees learning at the highest technical level in a shorter period of time and with the advantages of being able to perform from home and when you choose.


There are two different kinds of instruction

  • Classes by Skype to students who wish to correct their the form and give additional technical details to improve their personal practice.
  • The second is Instructor Training classes, i.e. professional training. This lasts for months and is required a special commitment, a strong motivation and a iron will to learning because the dedication of both parties is profound and important.

When you contact us please tell which mode you are interested.