Anchored in a millenarian tradition and sustained by the most recent scientific research, 3 Paths 4 Steps® is a model for growth, change and development. The method sinks its roots in the most ancient oriental traditions of Luohan, Yoga and Kung Fu but maintains nevertheless the most rigorous scientific approach and contemporary significance.

It is a model that was originally conceived to heal physical, mental and spiritual disease but whose methodology for bringing about improvement, transformation and change can be applied to any field: Health, sports, business, education, art, fitness and wellbeing.

There are certain techniques or skills that should be part of our education from the earliest age due to their great importance and so much more so if we are directing our life to Excellence. These are: breathing, concentration, relaxation, body posture, visualization, and human values.

No matter your professional field or your personal objectives, mastering your breath, harnessing the power of your mind, controlling your emotions, understanding relaxation and using visualizations represents an extraordinary advantage, not only because they will help us achieve excellence in whatever field we choose, but also and above all, because these skills are the pillars on which rests good health, peace, successand happiness.


The 3 Paths

The 3 Paths refers to the three fields of actions that the method covers:

1. The BODY

2. The Breath /QI

3. The MIND/intention/thought/emotions


The interaction between body, breath and mind has been known for thousands of years in the orient. It is now being discovered and applied in the west to the fields of health, sports, business, education, art, fitness and wellbeing.

By working on and with the body (Bio dynamic movement, posture), the Breath/ Qi/ energy and the Intention, Mind/ thoughts/ emotions, the ancient sages covered all possible routes or fields of dis-ease.

But this same routes or fields are the building blocks of, and for, creation and progress in anything one does.


The 4 Steps

But how must these three roads be travelled? The 4 Steps refers to the progressive and systematical methodology used to effectively and efficiently cover the three fields of action:

The First Step is to look, watch, observe and accept.

The Second Step refers to follow, to adjust to, to look like, and to do something with pleasure.

The Third Stepmeans to regulate, adjust, modify, harmonize, and perfectly adapt to

The Fourth Step to forget, skip, neglect.


The ancient sages not only described the paths to take if we wanted to progress, but through these 4 steps gave us the key to do it the best way; to its highest degree. Whether we are learning to play tennis or golf or learning about ourselves, whether we are healing others or healing ourselves, whether we are communicating a message or understanding one, whatever you want to do, to do it well, you must apply the 4 Steps.

It is a progressive method that in the first step promotes a clear, uncompromising, un-labeling observation, study, and acceptance of the situation.

In the second step it allows the situation to manifest itself fully, again without putting a tag on it, just observing and taking notice of the changes and accommodating them.

In the third step an action for change introduces itself. Here we take measures in the three paths to change what is out of harmony.

In the fourth and last step, that of WANG. We forget the 3 Paths and the 4 Steps, we forget the situation, we forget and don’t give any more thought to it; we just let go.


Gaspar Garcia, MD teaches and lectures, conducts workshops, and acts as consultant for individuals and organizations.He has over 40 years’ experience in the study and practice of oriental disciplines and philosophies. He is a renowned teacher of Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, Qigong and Taijiquan – Ex- National Coach of the Spanish Kung Fu team- as well as an expert on healthy living habits. He has formed top practitioners and instructors world-wide. He has authored books on these topics and is the creative force behind the Web Health Portal: www.salusline.com.

Dr. Garcia lives in Geneva, Switzerland where he continues his life calling of practice and teaching.


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